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Do more in less time with Digital Storm high-performance custom workstation computers. Every workstation PC is custom tailored and optimized to unique customer needs.

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Extreme performance computers
Extreme Performance

Increase productivity without breaking the bank with Digital Storm's professional overclocking service. Our technicians fine-tune the processor beyond factory settings to unlock a new level of performance on workstation computers without sacrificing long-term reliability.

Custom built workstation PCs
Custom Built PCs

Every Digital Storm workstation computer is custom-built based on unique customer needs. Whether you need raw computing horsepower or whisper quiet operation, Digital Storm customizes the perfect PC for your needs and within your budget.

Thermal Management
Thermal Management

Exclusive Digital Storm control hardware gives instant access to detailed temperature graphs, thermal linked LED lighting and automated airflow optimization. An array of temperature probes feed real-time data, which is used to automatically strike the optimal balance between thermals and noise.

Workstation computer upgrades
Easy Upgradability

Upkeep and maintenance can be costly to any professional; that’s why Digital Storm workstation PCs do not rely on proprietary components that can limit upgradability. Digital Storm uses only brand name components that can be easily upgraded or replaced with off-the-shelf hardware.

Why Digital Storm?

Optimized For
Content Creation
Quadro Content Creation

Universally supported with the latest content creation software tools, Digital Storm Quadrdo workstations allow creative professionals to do more in less time in a wide range of content creation projects.

Computation Tasks

Whether you’re simulating robust particle systems, crunching large data sets, or plotting fluid dynamics models, Digital Storm TESLA workstations deliver unparalleled computational performance.

HD+ Video Editing
Video Editing

Experience an improved workflow process, dramatically cut down render times, and handle even the most intensive multi-layer effects with ease. Digital Storm video editing workstations allow creative professionals to do more in less time.

Design & Rendering
CAD Design

Increase scene complexity and the scale of your projects across a multitude of software platforms with Digital Storm CAD workstations, unlocking a new level of performance to maximize creativity.

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Slade PRO
Noise reduction with great thermals
Slade workstation computer
Starting at
Hailstorm II PRO
Benchmark shattering performance PC
Hailstorm II workstation computer
Starting at
Aventum II PRO
World's most advanced performance PC
Aventum II workstation computer
Starting at