Melding ingenious design and raw performance, Digital Storm custom gaming desktops form an entirely new breed that are recognized industry wide as one of the most powerful systems available.

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Extreme performance gaming desktops
Designed with an unadulterated desire for breakneck performance.
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Our team of in-house engineers are always researching and developing new products and technologies, creating the world’s most advanced PCs for our customers.
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Expert craftsmanship gaming desktops
Expertly built ensuring zero bottlenecks and maximum performance.
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Every computer is hand assembled from the ground up by our highly skilled experts. Our technicians make sure every screw is torqued down to just the right pressure.
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Hand Built Aventum II
A+ Support gaming desktops
Unmatched engineering that stands out and above the competition.
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Digital Storm has raised the bar for enthusiast level cooling and control with HydroLux. Available on all custom desktops, HydroLux delivers industry leading cooling performance with bespoke control features.
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HydroLux Cooling
No compromises gaming desktops
A+ Rated lifetime support by our own in-house expert technicians.
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For more than 10 years, the Better Business Bureau has rated Digital Storm an “A+”. We believe in taking care of our customers, and that's why our policy is to “imagine the situation from the customer’s shoes.”
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Vanquish II
For gamers without breaking the bank
VANQUISH II gaming desktop
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Bolt II
Massive power in an incredibly slim design
Bolt gaming desktop
Starting at
Hailstorm II
The enthusiast dream machine
Hailstorm II gaming desktop
Starting at
Aventum II
World's most advanced performance PC
Aventum II gaming desktop
Starting at
Compact powerful design
Virtue gaming desktop
Starting at
Performance with Incredible Value
ODE gaming desktop
Starting at
Noise reduction with great thermals
Slade gaming desktop
Starting at
Small footprint vertical cooling
Enix gaming desktop
Starting at