• "Kick-Ass"


    Maximum PC Magazine

    Digital Storm Aventum II Review - "props for its truly unique chassis, its digital fan and LED control, and the sheer straight-line speed it has beating DM2013."

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    Digital Storm Aventum II Maximum PC Kick-Ass Award
  • HydroLux


    Cooling and Control

    Experience a new level of specialized control from real-time temperature graphs, thermal linked LED lighting, and automated airflow optimization on all Digital Storm gaming computers and workstations.

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    Digital Storm internals showcasing Hydrolux technology.
  • Bolt II

    Bolt II

    Slim Tower of Power

    Experience massive power in an incredibly slim 4.4 inch wide design, featuring the fastest dedicated graphics cards and overclocked CPUs.

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    Digital Storm Bolt II.
  • Aventum II

    Aventum II

    Ultimate Dream Machine

    Aventum II is designed to work in harmony, maximizing efficiency and performance, and allowing for a new level of customization that was never available on the market… until now.

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    Side profile of Aventum II system internals.
  • Hailstorm II

    Hailstorm II

    Ultimate Gaming PC

    A testament to benchmark crushing performance, the Hailstorm II houses the most exotic liquid cooling options and leading edge technology, leaving a striking impression.

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    Side profile of Hailstorm II system internals next to gaming graphic on monitor.
PC Gamer Editor's Choice and Maximum PC Kick Ass graphic.

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  • Custom Built
  • Innovative Engineering
  • Low Price Gaming Systems
  • Robust Testing Procedures
  • Open Architecture

Our custom computers are hand built by skilled Digital Storm engineers. Every PC goes through an extensive line of stress-testing and benchmarking to ensure rock solid stable operation for years. Our gaming computers are covered with the very best U.S. based technical support directly from the experts who built your ultimate gaming system.

We offer performance enhancing tweaks such as processor, memory, and video card overclocking. This is known as our TwisterBoost Technology. This allows us to push our computers to new heights with complete stability to give you the best possible gaming experience. From the experience we have gained from building unrivaled gaming PCs, we provide features that you can't find at our competitors.

No one can match the level of value we provide to our custom gaming computers with the same type of parts and the same service we offer. Our custom computers are designed with the industry's leading components and brands. The level of customer service and warranty coverage we offer are unmatched throughout the industry.

Before putting your computer system together we use pre-tested, burned in, and screened components from our batch area. Your computer is then assigned to a Digital Storm technician who will assemble your custom gaming desktop. Your operating system/drivers are all installed from our backbone network which also installs all of the latest updates and patches for the operating system. Your custom PC is then placed in our burn-in facility where it is burned in overnight in a 90'F-106'F temperature controlled room to ensure your custom built gaming PC maintains rock solid stability. Your PC is then taken to its final quality inspection test. Our QA inspectors review the computer to ensure it meets the quality demands we set forth in our facility. The last stage is professional packaging where we carefully place your computer system into our massive Digital Storm heavily padded boxes to ensure your gaming laptop or PC arrives safely.

Our computers are based on an open architecture system. This means that our customers have the freedom to upgrade and add components inside their PC. You can always upgrade your computer with brand name off-the-shelf hardware.