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Gaming Laptops 2014 - New Launches with Better Battery Life and Performance

Gaming Laptops 2014 - New Launches with Better Battery Life and Performance

With the new year, Intel and NVIDIA have unveiled new processors and graphics cards that aim to increase battery life while maintaining the same or better performance. That is why we at Digital Storm have refreshed our gaming laptops to integrate these advances in technology. These new gaming laptops for 2014 aim to deliver the best performance while maintaining a sleek form-factor and elegant design.

NVIDIA 800M Series

The new NVIDIA 800M series features tons of new technology that help the laptop maintain the same performance while increasing battery life. One of those technologies is called Battery Boost. With NVIDIA's Battery Boost, you can lock your FPS so your graphics card doesn't push itself more than it needs to. By doing so, it reduces the power draw of the graphics card an in return, increases battery life.

The NVIDIA 800M series also now supports their GameStream and ShadowPlay technologies. With GameStream, you can stream games from your computer to the NVIDIA Shield and play anywhere on-the-go. Shadowplay allows you to record gameplay without taking a FPS hit. It also allows you to stream games directly to Twitch so people can watch you play.

Our Gaming Laptop Line-Up


Our Javelin gaming laptop is our most affordable model that offers a 15.6 inch screen and starts at $1,196. The base model features an NVIDIA GTX 860M graphics card paired with an Intel i7 4700MQ CPU. It also comes with 8GB of 1600MHz memory and a 750GB harddrive making it a great gaming laptop for those on the go.


The Lance is our more powerful 15.6 inch gaming laptop that starts at $1,430. As opposed to the Javelin, the Lance can be customized to integrate the NVIDIA GTX 880M. It also features a unique cooling design to ensure that the components stay cool while you game. The base model comes with an Intel i7 4700MQ CPU and features the NVIDIA GTX 860M graphics card. For storage, the unit comes with a 750GB hard drive and 8GB 1600MHz memory. The most feature packed model comes in at $2,140 and comes with a NVIDIA GTX 880M graphics card and Intel i7 4810MQ CPU with a 250GB SSD and 750GB HDD.


The Krypton is our more affordable 17.3 inch gaming laptop that starts at $1,478. With the Krypton, you can enjoy a desktop like experience on-the-go. Heat isn't an issue as the laptop features dual exhaust vents on the rear to keep the components cool while you game. There is also room for three storage drives and all of the components are easy to access making upgrading a breeze. Same as with the Lance, the Krypton can be customized to integrate the NVIDIA GTX 880M.


As the name suggests, the Behemoth is our most powerful gaming laptop and features tons of options that make it a viable desktop replacement. With its 17.3 inch screen and SLI capability, the Behemoth is more than capable of delivering an immersive gaming experience. Cooling is also not an issue as each component has its own dedicated cooling to make sure nothing overheats while you game. The customizable back-lit keyboard and track pad make it easy to see in the dark.

The Behemoth base model starts at $2,289 and features a single NVIDIA GTX 880M and Intel Core i7 4810MQ CPU. For storage, the laptop comes with a 128GB SSD and 750GB HDD. The ultimate configuration starts at $3,891 and features dual GTX 880M graphics cards in SLI an a Intel Core i7 4930MX CPU.

Let us know what you think of our new 2014 gaming laptops in the comments below!

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