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EVGA GTX 780Ti ACX SuperClocked Unboxing, Review and Benchmarks

EVGA NVIDIA GTX 780Ti ACX SC Review Benchmarks and Teardown

With EVGA's ACX cooler and NVIDIA's monstorous GK110 GPU, the EVGA GTX 780Ti ACX SC Edition is a beast of a card. With 2880 cuda cores and a base clock of 1006Mhz, the SuperClocked variant is sure to make you the envy of your friends and crush benchmarks. Should you choose the ACX SuperClocked GTX 780Ti for your gaming computer? Check out our unboxing and review to find out!

The Card

The EVGA GTX 780Ti uses the same cooler as EVGA's other ACX graphics cards. It features two fans and a custom designed PCB to better withstand heat and overclocks.



IO Ports

On the back, you'll find one display port, one HDMI port and two DVI ports.



After a 15-minute burn in using Furmark, the EVGA GTX 780Ti ACX SC stuck around 65° Celsius. It ran much cooler and quiter than the reference design card.

Graphics Tests

Battlefield 4

Being one of the most popular franchises to date, Battlefield 4 is the latest addition to the series that takes full advantage of the latest hardware. For our settings, we set everything to Ultra with 4x MSAA enabled.

At 1920x1080 on Battlefield 4, the EVGA GTX 780Ti was able to get an average of 78.2 frames per second. In comparison, when overclocked further we were able to achieve 80.2 fps.

Bioshock Infinite

We chose to use Bioshock Infinite to test the video card due to its magnificient visual qualities and the fact that it is one of the most popluar PC games out at the moment. This will allow us to get an accurate benchmark of how the card will perform in real life scenarios. We tested the NVIDIA GTX 780ti and the other graphics cards using the built-in benchmark tool under the 1920x1080 resolution with ultra graphics and DDOF enabled.

In Bioshock Infinite, the EVGA GTX 780Ti had an average of 120.6 frames per second. In comparison, when overclocked we were able to achieve 129.5 fps.

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 is still one of the most demanding games currently out on the market. It's able to put any graphics card through its paces by throwing everything at it. For the settings, we cranked the graphics to Very High with 4x MSAA.

On 1080p, The EVGA GTX 780Ti had an average frame rate of 59.1 fps while the reference card had 54.5 fps. Compared to the AMD R9 290X, the 290X had an average of 50.2fps.

Heaven 4.0

Widely used to test the capability of a GPU, Heaven benchmark puts maximum stress on the GPU allowing you to check stability issues and real time performance of the card. It also generates real-time in game video that gives the user an accurate reading of the cards capability. The settings that we used to test the cards were as follows: 1920x1080p Full Screen, High graphics, 4x Multisample Anti-Aliasing, and Normal Tessellation.

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme

3DMark Fire Strike offers extensive features and unbiased results by testing the full potential of DirectX 11 hardware. It is considered to be the best option out there when trying to find out the power of one’s computer as it tests both the graphics and physics capabilities of a GPU.


Overall, EVGA ACX SuperClocked GTX 780Ti is the perfect card for your next gaming computer. Not only is it the fasted graphics card that we have ever tested, it also runs cool and quiet. Beyond the stock overclock that the card comes at, its very easy to push it another 150+ MHz to get some more power out of it. If you want the best of the best, pick up an overclocked GTX 780Ti.

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